w10 Deposit
  • 1 x Reservation Deposit on WAVE w10 Drowning Detection System.



    • 1 x WAVE w10 Hub

    • 3 x Tracker Wearables

    • 1 x Goggle Clip Adapters

    • 1 x TODDLETAG

    • 1 x Wall Mount

    • 1 x AC Charging/Power Adapter

    • 1 x Quick Start Guide

    • WAVE w10 Management App (2)

    • One-year Limited Warranty

    • 15-day Return Period

    • Free Customer Service (3)

    • Free shipping (4)



    • Reservation Deposit Amount: $100.
    • Reservation Discount: 10% off final retail price (projected to be $1465.00).
    • Reservation Discount will remain in effect and will be in addition to potential discount offers made publicly available via online crowdfunding campaigns (e.g. Kickstarter, Indiegogo). IMPORTANT: To receive any additional discount you must participate as a backer of the crowdfunding campaign. For details please contact us.
    • Reservation Deposits made through this site may be refunded at any time prior to presentation of Final Balance Invoice by contacting WAVE Systems.
    • Final Balance Invoice, including additional discounts if any, and required shipping charges if any, must be paid in full prior to shipment of product. Otherwise your order will be cancelled and your Reservation Deposit will be fully refunded within 30 days of Invoice date.
    • Expected shipping date is May 2021.
    • Designs and features subject to change.


    1. Included items subject to change. Items will be listed on Final Balance Invoice for review prior to payment.
    2. WiFi required for use with the WAVE App.

    3. Telephone & chat customer support during normal business hours. 24/7 email support.

    4. Free shipping in continental U.S. only. Additional fees for Hawaii, Alaska and international orders, if any, will be provided prior to shipment.

    w10 Deposit


      WAVE products are designed to supplement vigilant human supervision.

      Never allow anyone to swim alone regardless of age or athletic ability.